Welcome to CTOMA
CTOMA, Central Texas Orphan Mission Alliance, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was formed in 2004 to help meet the physical, medical, and spiritual needs of orphans in the U.S. and abroad. Our efforts at CTOMA are currently focused in Haiti, Uganda, Mexico, and Central America. We also do local volunteer work in the Bryan/College Station community. Please take a minute to browse around our site to see how we are striving to reach out to the children. We welcome your comments and questions.

CTOMA was developed as an "Alliance" in order to combine many orphan oriented ministries. Karen Hall was working setting up orphanages in El Salvador and working to provide medical care for needy orphans throughout the world. Dr. Joe Kraft and his family were involved with Haiti orphan ministry and adoption. CTOMA was formed to provide a non-profit entity to allow others to make tax deductible donations to these ministries and also to provide strict accountability of funding and spending. We are a non-profit organization so there are no paid employees, therefore, all donations go directly to orphan ministries.  Click here to read more about the Central Texas Orphan Mission Alliance.

Haiti still has not recovered from the devastating earthquake of January 2010. Before this earthquake we had an orphanage with 8 children, a medical clinic and a playground. Our buildings were destroyed but the children were ok. This photo is the playground that we built with the help of an Alliance partner.  It survived the earthquake with only minor damage.  


CTOMA sends medical supplies and medicines to a clinic that helps women and children.  In the Philippines there are many homeless people living in cardboard and tarp homes and children living in garbage villages.  This clinic not only cares for their medical needs but also holds prenatal classes, sewing classes, and Bible schools for the children, and gives them clothing and other essentials.

44 orphans were flown from Ethiopia to Israel. They came with no possessions and the Jewish people are now trying to provide their food, clothing and education. We are also helping with scholarships in the new settlements.  Israel has "made the desert bloom".  They have survived against great odds with the help of God.  There is one orphanage in Israel with over 5000 orphaned children.  

CTOMA has helped in Mexico for over 4 years, beginning with a food program along the coast among poor fishermen whose work was decimated by the 9/11 attacks on New York.  After this terror event, all shipping into the port was stopped for a time, and there were long delays for security reasons when shipping resumed.  Fresh fish must be used within 24 hours.  The fishermen could not restore their livelihood without this market for fish.