Disaster Relief

There have been many natural disasters around the world and of course, here at home. These disasters are devastating to many people, so we strive to help with relief efforts as best as we can. In the past, we have been able to provide volunteers and supplies to assist Hurricane victims from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and Ike. We provided emergency supplies of toiletries, clothing, and other items for the Children's Shelter of Galveston. We also provided Bibles, some even in Spanish, and were told these became cherished possessions. 

After the massive earthquake in Haiti a few years ago we were able to utilize our disaster relief efforts to help. CTOMA was the first charity to provide the transportation of food for the charity, Kids Against Hunger. CTOMA transported the food from their warehouses to the United States Military, which airlifted the food to the victims by day 4 following the earthquake. Karen Hall and a team of volunteers then traveled to Haiti, only five weeks after the earthquake to provide more assistance. 

There are a large number of refugees from Sudan who travel to Uganda to leave the conflicts in their country. One of the projects we've done was to provide black shoes for the children of Uganda. It is a requirement that children have black shoes or they will not be able to attend school. We are always in need of funds to help us defray the high cost of shipping for supplies to these countries. CTOMA is always working on a new project and the needs are never ending. Your donations are always accepted and help us continue to provide disaster relief all over the world.

Alliance Partners
CTOMA is currently working with other 501c3 charities, churches, and other organizations to extend the reach of our charity work. During Spring Break in 2010, we were able to provide over 750 meals for children in our city of Bryan, TX. This program was administered by First Baptist Bryan, The Bridge Ministries of Bryan, Save Our Streets in Bryan (SOS), and CTOMA.

Before the project, we were able to provide a new refrigerator for The Bridge Ministries of Bryan so that we could prepare the food in their facility in Bryan. We would like to express our thanks to the Kroger Store in Bryan for assisting us with this project. This is just one example of many local projects that CTOMA supports. 
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