Church Assistance

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CTOMA offers an application for churches to send in before their mission trips. CTOMA does not accept any government funding or government assistance in any way. Therefore, our staff and missionaries are free to share the gospel and to tell of the amazing life and work of Christ Jesus. We give our assistance free of charge. Teams are free to give these medical kit packages to church leaders, clinics, hospitals, or schools. We ask that you send us photos and tell us how the kits have helped those you visited, or how the kits have helped your team. These reports are valuable in that we send them to the companies that donate to missions, to let them know how their donated supplies have been used. These reports encourage them to make more donations. Our donors are not only individuals, but also companies who are interested in effectively using all their products. The reports are a great way to express our gratitude to them for their kindness in donating to missions. 

Medical Packages for Transport

There are many ways to help in other countries that just take a little effort. CTOMA assembles medical kits for distribution. These are adult First Aid Kits, Dermatology Kits, Obstetrical Kits (which can be used to safely deliver a baby), Wound Treatment Kits, and Child First Aid Kits. They may be used in any country, including the United States.

Application for Medical Supplies
If you need assistance with medical supplies for a church mission trip, please fill out the form below.
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