CTOMA Missions
CTOMA has sponsored mission trips to the following countries:  Indonesia, Mexico, the Bahamas, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Russia, the Philippines, Uganda, Kenya, and Sudan.  We have also assisted in several countries embargoed by the United States.  These countries are closed to certain economic activities but they can receive medical aid. All of the children listed above are back in their home countries and doing well. There are thousands of children being helped by the vitamins and medicines, sun ovens, shoes, clothing, reading glasses, mosquito nets, playground equipment, seeds and gardening tools that the donors to the charity have provided.

CTOMA Feeding Programs

Every month for three years, CTOMA volunteers fed over 45 families in the Brazos Valley. Our program is unique in that the food goes directly from the donors to the recipients. The Kroger Company collects the food at their stores, our volunteers picked it up, and each bag was custom packed for each needy family. Read more about CTOMA Feeding Programs.

CTOMA Water Wells

Read more about CTOMA Water Wells.

CTOMA Container Shipping

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CTOMA Schools

Read more about CTOMA Schools.