Central Texas Orphan Mission Alliance Programs

Medical Efforts

Our Medical Children Inbound program brings children here from foreign countries who are in need of specialized medical care. In the past, we have had children come to receive eye surgery, brain surgery, bowel surgery, and other surgeries for various infections. Many of these children would not live, and would not know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior without the the work of CTOMA in each of their lives. Read more about our medical efforts.

Pro-Life Ministry

Our Pro-Life Ministry here at CTOMA offers free ultrasounds and counseling to abortion minded women. We are adoption advocates and are here to give you information on all the pro-life resources that are available to you if you are pregnant. We do not counsel for abortion. Read more about our pro-life ministry.

CTOMA Missions

CTOMA has sponsored mission trips to the following countries: Indonesia, Mexico, the Bahamas, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Russia, the Philippines, Uganda, Kenya, and Sudan. We have also assisted in several countries embargoed by the United States. These countries are closed to certain economic activities but they can receive medical aid. Read more about CTOMA missions.

Disaster Relief

There have been many natural disasters around the world and of course, here at home. These disasters are devastating to many people, so we strive to help with relief efforts as best as we can. CTOMA is currently working with other 501c3 charities, churches, and other organizations to extend the reach of our charity work and become alliance partners to help the needs of others. Read more about disaster relief.

Orphanage Assistance

CTOMA assists orphanages with vitamins, first aid supplies, clothing, and food. We purchase baby bottles, pacifiers, formula and other essentials. Anyone can refer an orphanage to us by contacting our office. We also collect donations to support the orphanages. Will you be the person to end the waiting of a needy child? Read more about orphanage assistance.


CTOMA is NOT an adoption agency. We consider ourselves adoption advocates and help with the adoption process in many ways. We provide options and general guidance to potential adoptive couples. We have a broad range of experience in adoption.  Read more about adoptions.