2012 Accomplishments

This year, your support has accomplished the following for the needy both at home and abroad:

  • CTOMA has seen a huge expansion of their work since the move into their new office on 29th Street in Bryan. They credit this to an expanded staff, and a central place of operations, which allow more volunteers to assemble. They now have a total of 3 storage facilities for medical supplies, mission packing, and food storage. 
  • CTOMA sponsored five international missions in 2012 and has ongoing mission work in 8 countries.
  • CTOMA provided the funding for 14 water wells in 2012. Their goal is 200 water wells for desert areas, resulting in clean water for thousands of children. Each well costs approximately $900.
  • CTOMA helped open a new Christian school that allowed 20 students who had never been able to go to school to get the chance. They provided a curriculum, school supplies, a new library, science kits, math exercises and all of the teacher materials.
  • CTOMA assisted 87 summer missionaries in the summer of 2012 by providing them with first aid kits, medical supplies, and vitamins to take to clinics and orphanages during their work. These traveled out to seven countries.
  • CTOMA distributes groceries, fresh meat, and fresh eggs, to the shut-ins, poor with children, disabled, and those without any ability to get to a local food bank in the Brazos Valley.  We average 56 families per month.
  • CTOMA did 28 pregnancy tests and 110 Ultrasounds.  All services in our clinic at 4100 E. 29th Street, Bryan are free.  They offer pro-life counseling for abortion-minded women, as well as give referrals to physicians and other services.
  • Provided Crusade 4 Life, a Mary Hardin Baylor University campus organization, with two days of pro-life training to help meet the needs of abortion minded women. They provided meals and overnight accommodations for the group as well. 
  • CTOMA provided 500 Backpacks filled with school supplies to schools in Bryan and surrounding areas. 60 of the backpacks contained meals for hungry families.
  • Texas A&M University Nursing School holds Community Health Nursing in CTOMA's building providing their students with the opportunity to volunteer for the charity.
  • Five staff members of CTOMA graduated from the Community Emergency Response Training program, to train to help in disasters.  Three staff members qualified for the teaching certification and four other members are qualified in Disaster Operations Center. 

CTOMA is a 501(c)(3) charity approved by the IRS.  Please consider our charity in your giving plan.  We promise the very best stewardship of every gift.  God Bless You All. 
2011 Accomplishments

During the year of 2011 CTOMA was able to accomplish the following: 

  • Hosted an amazing public relations night at the Brazos Center, with Bristol Palin speaking on awareness of the needs of mothers and babies, and her experience being a single mother.
  • Opened our free ultrasound clinic and offices at 4100 E. 29th Street in Bryan where we also provide basic health screening and education.
  • Attended seminars at University of Mary Hardin Baylor Mission Emphasis Week in October 2011. Over 160 students attended the classes.
  • CTOMA Staff and volunteers completed CPR, First Aid, and Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) and will be attending additional specialization classes in 2012.
  • Trained a Pastor in tropical medicine at Equip, Inc. He will be serving the underprivileged and spreading the Gospel in Galeana, Mexico, offering medical care to the needy and responding in emergencies.
  • Provided First Aid Kits for the needy in Autlan, Mexico and provided 100 more kits used on Christian missions to developing countries.
  • Provided food and school supplies to children in impoverished countries. In the US we fed 56 families monthly in our CTOMA Food Program in Brazos County, Texas. These are families without transportation, have small children, or are disabled and have no ability to go to a food bank.
  • Provided Backpacks with Hygiene Kits to needy or homeless children in Bryan, Texas.
  • Shipped 3 Ocean Freight Containers filled with medical goods to Mombasa, Kenya to be distributed to clinics and hospitals in need of supplies. We are sending disability devices to areas with disabled children and adults. We Organized a Medical mission to Uganda and medicines for the refugee camps in Kenya, which are caring for refugees from Somalia.
  • Three Christian communities in impoverished areas have clean water in their small communities. They no longer spend hours carrying water from miles away, and can water their own small vegetable gardens and spend more time with their children.

Thank you again for your support for spreading the Gospel through missions! Your contributions have made this life-saving work possible.